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    September 2010 Dinosaur Park Adventure Golf construction update


    From the ground, it doesn’t look like much has been done at the future site of Dinosaur Park Adventure Golf (on Clifton Hill behind the Niagara SkyWheel). However, from above you can tell they’ve done a lot of work.

    At the end of August I went on the Niagara SkyWheel and took a few pictures of the future course below. You can see that the volcano and ponds appear to be all done, and the ground has been cleared with power brought to several locations.

    Dinosaur Park Miniature Golf leaflet

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    Dinosaur Park has been on Clifton Hill since 1992. It was originally in front of the Quality Inn, right at the street. A few years go when the Boston Pizza was built, Dinosaur Park moved to it’s current location, in front of the Comfort Inn behind Ripley’s museum. It has always been one of my favourite attractions. The landscaping is beautiful and it is quite enjoyable walking through the course.

    I’ve scanned their promotional leaflet and included the text below:

    Front of leaflet:

    Dinosaur Park Miniature Golf
    Located Behind Ripley’s Believe It or Not
    Clifton Hill
    The Street of Fun by the Falls

    Back of leaflet:

    Our collection of authentic dinosaurs are in a landscaped setting with the sounds ot the Jurassic age
    18 holes of Family Fun

    PDF IconI have also created a PDF file of the leaflet if you’d like to download it and see it in full size/colour. You can download it here:
    Dinosaur Park Miniature Golf leaflet

    Previous version of the leaflet were essentially the same. The message on the back has remained the same, while the type face of the message as well as the Clifton Hill logo have changed. You can see a previous version here.

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