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    See Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timerberlake at Movieland :-)

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    Sure, it would be nice if they came in person, but that seems unlikely. So the next best thing would be to see them in Movieland Wax Museum of Stars. The likeness of Jimmy Fallon is ok, but I think Justin Timberlake looks excellent!

    I’m not sure when these figures were put in, but I just noticed them the other day.

    Visit to Movieland Wax Museum in September 2016

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    Each month I take one of my kids out on a “date”, and since I work in Niagara Falls, they often like to come down to see one of the museums or play some games. Back in September my daughter wanted to come down, so we ended up going to Movieland Wax Museum of Stars on Clifton Hill. Read More…

    UK tabloid mocks ‘Movieland Wax Museum of the Stars’ in Niagara Falls

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    This is old news, but I never did post about it.

    From Global News:

    A wax museum in Niagara Falls, Ont. was mocked Tuesday by a British newspaper for featuring figures that “bear only a passing resemblance to the stars they’re supposed to be.”

    The Daily Mail took jabs at the Movieland Wax Museum of the Stars on the popular Clifton Hill tourist strip.

    “Visitors to the museum … might find themselves not only trying to work out which waxwork they are looking at, but trying to cast their mind back to the film in which they starred,” wrote reporter Steph Cockroft.

    I think some of the criticism was unfair. Sure, some figures look better than others, but there are still lots of people who enjoy going through. My pre-teen son went through with his class in June after this was in the news, and he and his friends had a great time.

    Shah Rukh Khan at Movieland Wax Museum of Stars

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    I’ve never heard of him, but Movieland Wax Museum of Stars on Clifton Hill has a new wax figure of Shah Rukh Khan. I may not have known who he was before I saw this sign, but there are a lot of people who do know and love him. He is a Bollywood actor who has appeared in more than 70 movies.

    Movieland Wax Museum of Stars in Spring 2010 (pictures)

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    I’ve visited Movieland Wax Museum of Stars on Clifton Hill many times before, but hadn’t walked through it in the last couple of years. I’ve tweeted and posted about some new figures that were there, but I hadn’t actually seem them myself. A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to go in again, and I’ve taken pictures of the new figures. There are figures of Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Twilight’s Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, Will Smith, and President and Mrs. Obama.

    As always, you can see the thumbnails below, or the full-size images in the Movieland Wax Museum of Stars in Spring 2010 gallery.

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    New sign at Movieland on Clifton Hill

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    A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the new signs on the side of Movieland on Clifton Hill. The same picture is on both sides of the big sign. It shows Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, and Elvis.


    Movieland Wax Museum of Stars in Summer 2008

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    A month or two ago I took my family through Movieland Wax Museum of Stars. I’ve been many times before, including when it was located in the old building. Not much has changed over the years. Of course, there is a new set at the front (Pirates of the Caribbean), but I don’t think there is anything new inside.

    There are several wax museums in the area (Criminal Hall of Fame, Rock Legends Wax Museum, Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks, Movieland Wax Museum of Stars, etc). I don’t know if there is one that is any better than the others. It just depends on what you are interested in. I’ve been to Movieland Wax Museum of Stars and Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks and they each have figures that look amazing, and some that look terrible. I know a lot of people like Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks because you can get right up to the figure and have your picture taken with it. On the other hand, I find the sets at Movieland Wax Museum of Stars are probably nicer.

    As is usually the case, you can see some thumbnails below, and the larger versions in the Movieland Wax Museum of Stars in Summer 2008 gallery.

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